What job can I get with Photoshop skills?

Those wishing to use Adobe Photoshop have many career options. Different jobs may include touching up professional photos to making your favorite band’s tour flyers. The use of Photoshop (or other high-quality graphics program) will be required for all design and print-related career fields. If you are interested in using your favorite graphics program in your new career, check out a few of these hot jobs that require Photoshop skills.

  1. Photographer

Photographers just don’t take stunning pictures; they create them using the help of Photoshop. As a photographer, you will be trying to create the perfect picture. This includes getting rid of blemishes on your subject, adding additional light sources, sharpening the focus and adding additional creative elements to your photos. All of these things and more can be done using Photoshop.

  1. Web Designer

As a web designer it is your goal to bring your client’s ideas to life on a webpage. You will be creating logos, navigational bars, backgrounds, headers and additional images to help create the page. Photoshop has an extensive library of modifiers that you can use on your images to help the webpage you are creating stand out, look professional, and be easy to navigate.

Web designers play a key role in the development of a website, creating the pages, layout, and graphics for web pages. Web designers also design and develop the navigation design and structure of a site. A web designer must also make decisions regarding what content is included on a web page, where graphics, content, navigation, etc. are placed, and ensure continuity from one web page to the next. The requirements of a web designer job involve skill and training in computer graphics, graphic design, and the latest computer and Internet technology.

The growing need for talented web designers in today’s multimedia industry has led to substantial employment growth during recent years. Well-trained web designers are and will continue to be in high demand. Web design training is preparation for jobs in areas such as advertising, entertainment, web development, multimedia design, or e-commerce.

  1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are the people behind that great band flyer you just seen in the subway station. It’s a graphic designer’s job to create flyers, logos, brochures and page elements that are creative as well as eye-catching. Designers work with a vast array of media including pictures, videos, text, styles and adjustment layers. A graphic designer’s work can appear online or off, and is used in a variety of publications.

  1. Advertiser

As an advertiser it is your duty to make your brand appealing and memorable to your customers. Advertisers can use Photoshop to create logos and branding icons, product packaging, company advertisements and more. Advertisers may use Photoshop in their daily work by creating these elements as well as editing company photos for display on the company websites. Sometimes, the work of an advertiser and graphic designer are combined, resulting in one key worker doing the jobs of both titles.

  1. Logo Designer

logo designerA logo is a sketched or graphically designed symbol arranged in a unique way, with distinct colors, shapes, and designs to represent a company, product, organization, agency, or service. A logo is more than just a graphic symbol; it is a brand identity image of a company or product. A logo is a tangible concept that provides a company with a visual image, and that promotes recognition by consumers. Companies spend a lot of money updating and implementing logos in order to appear modern and innovative.

Job opportunities for graphic designers looking to design company logos can be vast.  Most companies turn to local graphic design firms or advertising agencies to design their logos for them. So many corporations, products, services, agencies, and other organizations use a logo to represent their image that having a unique, memorable logo becomes very important. A logo is what helps customers remember the company or product, and is often what brings them back.

  1. Brand Identity Designer

brand identity designerAnother career option for graphic designer graduates is brand identity positions.  Brand identity is more intricate than logo creation. A brand identity design is a visual element that represents how a company wants to be seen; it is the company’s visual identity or “image.” A company’s brand identity is integrated throughout all elements of a company’s materials such as business cards, stationery, media advertising, promotions, etc., and can be represented through a unique logo or signage. Brand identity design helps consumers remember the company, and is often what brings them back. The right brand identity design can be the company’s strongest marketing tool as it translates the values and strategic vision of a company into a consistent image that consumers become familiar with.

In order to maintain consistency in their values and company goals, but also evolve with trends in design, many organizations hire an in-house brand identity designer or work with a brand identity design firm or advertising agency to create suitable brand designs for the image they want to convey. The brand designer provides new and innovative ways to combine images and words to express the main message of a company. This often involves modernizing the visual image of the company from time to time in terms of logo, tagline, typography, color palette, design, etc., while remaining close to the core of the brand and what it stands for.

  1. Flash Designer

flash designerFlash is a multimedia graphics program designed specifically for use on the web. Flash is a tool for creating interactive and animated websites using vector and raster graphics which enable the graphics to be scaled to any size without losing clarity or quality. The flash designer job description can vary from company to company.  Training courses in Flash teach you how to create and customize dozens of different effects including text, navigation animation, video, and audio.

Today, Flash is becoming even more popular and widely used than ever before as it delivers a broader scope of tools for a web designer. Becoming a certified Flash designer is the best way to pursue a career in this field and ensure potential clients that you have the skills necessary to perform the task.

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