Here are some cooking tips to help you cook like a pro

A lot of us found ourselves working in our kitchens cooking our favorite meals in wake of the recent lockdowns. Whether you take cooking as a hobby or it is something you do on a daily basis, it can often be unnecessarily lengthy and take more time than it should. If you have ever wondered how come the professional chefs are able to cook the same dishes in half the time? Well it may have something to do with their years of hands-on practice at the job but that’s not all it takes to cook like a pro.

While we all miss dining out on the weekends at our favorite seafood restaurants in Dubai, it might take some time before things get back to normal. Till then we might have to rely on our own cooking expertise. So here are some key tips to help you cook more efficiently the next time you light up the stove.

Keep your kitchen organized

When it comes to cooking, you need multiple ingredients and tools. It’s hard to be efficient in a kitchen where all your tools and ingredients are scattered around. You are going to spend half your time looking for something that you had randomly stashed in a drawer. 

Organize your kitchen and sort it in a way that you can easily find the items that you usually need and put them back in their place once you are done with them.

Use proper tools for cutting and peeling 

Cutting and peeling is an essential part of any cooking venture and they can also take up the most time. By using the proper tools for cutting and peeling vegetables you can save a significant amount of time that can be spent on other important things such as garnishing and decorating. Besides, using proper cutters and peelers is also safer and you won’t have to be as conscious while using them as you would with sharp knives.

Clean your kitchen as you go

Most chefs recommend that you clean your kitchen as you go. It might seem exhausting but in reality it’s easier and more efficient. Cooking is not just about throwing ingredients in a pan and mixing them together on a stove, it’s always important to clean the mess created in the process. Letting your used pots and waste sit on the shelves is highly unhygienic as they attract all sorts of bacteria which can be hazardous for your health.

Buy the right knives

Though one has to be really careful around sharp knives, they are really useful when it comes to cutting and chopping. Cutting vegetables such as tomatoes that are softer can be really difficult as a lot of times your average knives end up creating a mess out of them. Sharp knives may not come cheap but they are surely worth your money if you are often in need of cutting and chopping.

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